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Who I am & Setting Proper Expectations

I was a wandering soul up until ~2012 when Lewis Mocker & Amy Sangster and Infinite-Prosperity. I had crappy credit due to having this “Cash Only” mindset, which turns out is a great way to spend more money on airline tickets, hotel rooms, etc (vs smartly using credit cards to earn free airfare, etc)…but I didn’t know any better.

I didn’t have much in the way of savings aside from my company sponsored 401k (thankfully I was at least smart enough to max my contribution starting 10 years ago), due to not having any financial intelligence.

Lewis & Amy founded Infinite-Prosperity and the combination of those 3 entities became the catalyst for where I am now.

Back then I only thought you could have 1 income stream. Never did it cross my mind that you can have multiple income streams. More importantly, is that you don’t have to exchange your time in a 1:1 for the income.

Through lessons via Lewis, Amy, and IP, I was able to learn how to discover things that I valued and learn how to turn them into my own revenue streams.

My purpose here is to help others find their way and hopefully help you figure out your place in this world and start working for yourself, while I work on expanding my ventures as well.

Please find me on Twitch where you can find me building Forex Robots that have been ordered through Fiverr, while also managing Forex Signals that I offer.

I have spent a lot of time and money developing and  having expert advisors that trade for me, built. Working with a software developer that can take my market confluences, and turn them into an algorithm was no small nor cheap feat. You will find that a gross majority of Expert Advisors out there, are static; meaning, they can only trade in one direction. Mine is dynamic; It can trade long or short. Not one or the other.  With my EA, you can literally set and forget. You don’t have to hover over your chart monitoring possible trend changes each evening or worry about your bot entering before, during, or just after major news events; my EA does it automatically!

How I trade

While a majority of my trades are executed through my EA on either the 15M or 4H time frames, I still do manually trade the daily candles. I have done very well this past year, making a return of 35% on my manual trades with a 4.97% Drawdown. That’s not bad for being a full-time student and employee! I have a few strategies that I stick too, and while my bias at times may not match a given strategy, I stick to the strategy and allow the “Law of Large Numbers” work in my favor and ultimately increase my yearly return on investment.

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