How can I learn to trade Forex? Just click here and learn from the best traders and mentors that taught myself the art of manual trading, improving my mindset,  as well as the steps to creating a path towards financial independence!

How are signals delivered?

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Are signals guaranteed?

-The most frequently asked question and for obvious reasons. If trading were easy, literally everyone would be doing it and not require the use of signal services or the like. Signals are a calculated probability that a trade will hit our projected entry and ultimately head in the direction of our bias. I strongly urge everyone to look at the signals and compare them to your charts, technical analysis, and bias to make sure the risk/reward fits your objective.

What type of returns can I look to gain?

-We simply can not promise nor guarantee your returns simply because depending on the broker you use, the leverage you opt to utilize, and the size of your starting balance, the per pip value can be vastly different from one trader to another. You can make more on a $3000 account using 500:1 leverage than you can with a $50000 account using 50:1 leverage. Please see my real-time updated returns via here and here.

How much does it take to start trading?

-This will vary from broker to broker. Depending on which country you live in, will also limit which brokerage you can use. There are brokers that will allow you to open an account with as little as $50. While a $50 account would mean your trading only pennies/cents per trade, I always suggest to trade real money instead of demo/paper money, so you can experience the feeling of both winning real money and losing real money. Remember: Most banks only offer 0.09% interest rates on their investment products. Putting $50 into a standard savings account would make you less than $5 USD PER year! What if you used your brokerage account as a savings account and looked to target just 1% per month (12%+ per year)?