There are two primary methods of generating passive income.

1. Delegation of service

This can be achieved via the employment and contracting of team members. In order to employ others, you may require full control over the underlying service that is being provided. In other words, you may need to create a business operation of some kind. Delegation of service also includes the delegation of work to automated machinery and/or software.

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2. Investment of capital

This can be achieved via saving a portion of your income and investing it into sound assets that ensure the safety of principal plus an adequate return. Strategy 1 in Infinite Prosperity is dedicated in its entirety to guiding our students in setting up a long-term passive investment portfolio using low-cost index funds with 5 dimensions of diversification.

Recommended reading on this topic:

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Reliable, sustainable and grounded passive income can be generated two ways: Delegation of service, and investment of capital.

Delegating service means others are working for you
Investment of capital means your money is working for you

If someone else is not working for you, or your money is not working for you, it is an unrealistic expectation to think that you will generate passive income.


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