Gratitude is the secret to mastery in life.

Most individuals are still projecting moralistic judgements on debt, money and finance – which is why they haven’t mastered it. To label your debt as “bad” is to cast yourself into shame, whilst simultaneously remaining ignorant to the benefits, blessings, trips, cars, clothes, knowledge, experiences and opportunities that your debt provided.

Take the time to answer the following questions that are designed to expand your awareness:

– What are 100 benefits I’ve received by having these debts?
– What trips did I get to go on?
– What brands and clothing am I able to enjoy from this debt?
– What car do I get to drive?
– What experiences and divine moments have I been blessed with due to my debts?
– Who was brought into my life due to this debt?
– What lessons have I learned?
– What knowledge have I accumulated from this debt?
– Who are all the individuals that I know who wish they could get loans like I’ve been able to?

Keep writing benefits and positives to balance out your negative judgements about debt. This is not about making debt “good”, it’s about transcending moral judgements altogether. When you can see that your debt has made as much of a positive difference to your life as it has made a negative difference, you’ll have a level of gratitude and respect for it as ultimately part of your life’s grand journey.

In this state of gratitude and poise, you have the highest probability of permanently and sustainably transcending debt and building true wealth.

Lewis Mocker

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