It pays dividends to adopt a TOP DOWN approach to most things. In other words, start with your purpose and legacy and reverse engineer your daily, weekly and yearly goals accordingly. This approach carries numerous benefits. Firstly, you won’t wobble and waver as much when hurdles and challenges arise (they’ll appear insignificant relative to your ultimate purpose). Secondly, you tap the fire of your soul by focussing on an outcome greater in time and space than your own life (this solves for motivation, vitality, commitment, stamina and fear related obstacles). Thirdly, since you’ll be focussed on a legacy that serves the world and assists evolution, the universe will be on your side. When you’re focussed on your own low-level problems and complaints, you’ll tend to pull in more of them. When you’re focussed on contributing to global evolution, just watch in awe as people, events and circumstances appear to be magically pulled toward you day after day. Today’s Tip: Write down how you want to be remembered 100 years from today. 🙏🙏🙏#wordsofwisdom

Lewis Mocker

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